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Explanatory Essay Writing Guide

Explanatory Essay Writing Guide

Sep 15, 2019

Before writing almost any assignment, you have to understand its definition. For instance , students who need to write an Argumentative essay should comprehend its purpose, format, and how it differs from other types of papers. These approach may be applied to every other type of academic writing, including an explanatory essay.

In this article, our Write my essay for me service professionals will attempt to explain what an explanatory essay is, its main aim, and key features. Despite the fact that many people believe that there is nothing more standard than writing an explanatory essay, for some students, it could still be a challenge to tell apart explanatory paper from other styles of essays.

If you want to write an explanatory essay, we recommend you read this article till the end. Directions outlined inside our manual can help you gain new knowledge and enhance your writing skills. Designing explanatory essay will become a simple task for you as soon as you put guidelines from our professional paper writing service into practice.

What is an Explanatory Essay?

An explanatory essay is a form of academic paper in which the author presents some point of view or opinion on a particular topic, subject, event or situation. It’s worth noting that explanatory essay is also called expository essay.

When completing this sort of assignment you shouldn’t of necessity agree with the viewpoint you are authoring. Your goal is to report a certain event or situation and offer an analysis of a given subject. Try to present information or arguments of other people impartially. It’s also essential that you don't include any form of criticism in your explanatory essay. You shouldn’t argue or persuade while giving explanations. Let readers make their conclusions as opposed to persuading them to agree or disagree with the given viewpoint.

Explanatory essay is about presenting a neutral look at the set topic by giving analysis from research. Its primary goal is always to present a lucid explanation as to why things happened how they did. After reading your essay, the audience needs to have a clear understanding of your point of view, even when they don’t pick your side.

Frequently, the author of the explanatory essay decides upon a collection topic and approaches the problem from a specific angle. Generally, this angle is complicated and gives room for discussion. The author gifts a point of view of his or her choice that fairly explains why a certain outcome was reached.

Explanatory Essay Topics

Generally, explanatory essay topics are pre-assigned to students by their teachers or university professors. For example, you can be asked to explain how your brain works or outline the events that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis.

If you should be asked to pick the essay topic all on your own, remember that explanatory papers are derived from facts. That’s why our custom essay writing professionals recommend that you select a neutral topic that may be easily explained. The idea here's that the more controversial the topic, the more points of view you will need to explore in your essay, rendering it more complicated and time-consuming. Fortuitously, we can explain almost everything so long as it falls within the parameters of the given assignment. Listed below are a couple of explanatory essay topics created by our topic generator you can choose from:

Beginner Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Describe the day you came to school for the very first time. How achieved it make you feel?
  2. What qualities can you believe make someone a good friend?
  3. Explain what makes dogs the best pet for an individual
  4. Who's your favorite superhero or movie/book character? Why?
  5. Describe your dream home
  6. Who's that person you admire and appear up to probably the most?
  7. Define what happiness means to you
  8. Who is your favorite teacher?
  9. Tell what kind of food you love most and explain why you adore it
  10. What type of job do you consider will suit you probably the most?

Intermediate Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. What exactly is the best lesson that parents can teach their young ones?
  2. Describe your favorite kind of sport
  3. What unique traditions does your loved ones have?
  4. Tell about something you are really good at and could teach it to others
  5. Does the word “responsibility” mean the same for adults and kiddies?
  6. Describe what you believe makes an individual truly rich
  7. What exactly is your favorite put on the planet?
  8. Explain how somebody you know (a friend, teacher, parent) helped you become an improved person
  9. What exactly is the school subject you enjoy the absolute most?
  10. Describe how having a sibling can affect one’s personality

Advanced Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Explain one of the kinds of cyberbullying and suggest approaches to address it
  2. Can you believe animals can really feel your fear?
  3. Describe a moral dilemma you have faced. How did you handle it?
  4. Would you believe in UFOs and aliens? Explain your point of view
  5. Explain how your personality has changed as you were growing up
  6. How can we measure happiness?
  7. Define your generation. What makes it different from other generations?
  8. Explain how you understand the universe
  9. How do you imagine your perfect future?
  10. Describe your first work experience ever. What did it coach you on, and how did you handle it?

College Level Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Define the positive and harmful effects the net has on a human personality and life
  2. What real-life lessons do you wish you’d learn 5 years back?
  3. Tell about somebody who has authority in your eyes and explain why
  4. You think expressing the entire spectrum of emotions is better than suppressing them?
  5. Explain what experience was probably the most life-changing for you personally
  6. How to cope with financial difficulties?
  7. Explain the benefits of social support systems for modern students
  8. What makes a person generous?
  9. Describe the technological advancement that took place throughout the last decade
  10. Define what huge difference you see between “living” and “existing”
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Explanatory Essay Format

The conventional format for an explanatory paper could be the traditional 5-paragraph essay. Often, this includes an introduction, three body paragraphs (limited to at least one subtopic each), and a conclusion. It is a basic essay format.

Remember that the explanatory writing doesn’t need to be restricted to five paragraphs — you possibly can make it longer. No matter exactly how many paragraphs you determine to include in your essay, make certain that your introduction includes a powerful thesis statement. Also, double-check if the paper is founded on facts in the place of personal opinion. Last but not least: ensure that you connect paragraphs with transitions.

Explanatory Essay Outline

Basically, an explanatory essay outline is a arrange for your explanatory paper. Frequently, it varies based on the amount of the topic and the information the writer is trying to provide. The goal of the outline would be to organize the primary points in to paragraphs — it offers a so-called framework of how exactly to write an explanatory essay. As it was mentioned in the paragraph above, most explanatory essays follow the essential essay structure. They contain:

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs;
  • Conclusion.

Most explanatory essays tend to be a full page or two in length. That is why the overall essay is usually around 5 paragraphs long. Understand that your introduction should present the topic to the audience. Also, it’s vital that you incorporate the thesis statement within the last paragraph. Once you are finished with it, make an effort to develop your body paragraphs with the information detail by detail in the thesis statement. Finally, add a conclusion that summarizes your essay's tips after the restatement of the thesis. As you can plainly see, creating an explanatory essay outline isn't that difficult as it might seem initially. And now let’s dig deeper into the definition of the explanatory essay thesis.

Thesis statement

When talking about a thesis statement, most people often mean 1 or 2 sentences that summarize the key idea of their academic paper and obviously express what it is they're going to say in regards to the given topic. Overall, your thesis statement identifies what topic is going to be discussed and the purpose of your essay. While the explanatory essay is tailored to explain or acquaint your readers with something, the aim of the explanatory thesis is always to tell readers what it's you are going to explain and what aspects of the subject will be considered.


Prior to starting writing your explanatory essay, there are some important tips to follow. The first recommendation is to execute proper research and data collection. Explanatory essay authors should make certain that the information inside their writing is just a blend of personal views and ideas acquired from external sources. Explanatory essay relies heavily on solid research, focus on finding external sources that will supplement your personal opinion. Note down most of the important information from those sources and utilize them as evidence in your essay. Therefore the first thing you ought to do is find multiple trusted sources that defend your thoughts. We suggest you look to on the web journals, historical dictionaries, or find relevant books in your academy library to make use of them as trusted sources.

After collecting most of the needed information, the next step is to produce a clear explanatory thesis. A concise thesis is likely to make it easier for readers to understand the essence of the topic from the summarized standpoint. In other words, explain what you will be showing to your audience. Be neutral — you're not arguing or criticizing, just stating facts. Remember, you're not supposed to simply take any side as that creates a loss in the outlook of an explanatory essay.

Still another recommendation is always to choose a neutral topic you may like to explain. If your teacher or professor didn’t provide you with a specific topic, select the the one that will be understandable for you. Just choose this kind of topic that's in line with your assignment.

Once you’ve opted for a suitable topic, it’s time and energy to draft an overview of your explanatory essay. Your best option here is to stick to five paragraphs which were mentioned above: draft an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The outline helps students make sure that they follow a logical pattern to detail almost all their trains of thought. After completing all the above steps - review your material and start writing your explanatory paper.

Each explanatory paper should begin with an introduction. Try to capture your audience’s attention. Irrespective of how you choose to do that - it may be a quote, rhetorical question, catchy motto, or anecdote. Feel free to improvise and use your imagination. Picking a hook thesis statement is also crucial. After presenting a thesis statement, include any vital information that gives a background of the topic. The last sentence of your introduction should integrate a thesis statement to offer a preview of the information in the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

Regardless of how many paragraphs you decide to use in your explanatory essay, each of them should follow a similar style. They all ought to be in-line with one another and maintain a particular flow in the paragraphs. Within each paragraph, you're to include a claim that is linked to the thesis statement. In this manner, it will be easier for connecting all the points.

Make an effort to support your claims with evidence from external sources. Make your readers feel confident concerning the information you present to them. Don’t forget to integrate a concluding statement that provides a summary of the claim's significance. Concluding statement should go combined with the thesis statement. In simple terms, all body paragraphs in your explanatory paper should follow this format.

Conclusion Of Explanatory Essay

The explanatory essay must have a suitable conclusion. When finishing your explanatory paper, follow these recommendations:

  • Restate your thesis. This way you'll bring your readers’ attention back to the primary point in addition to add strength to your presented perspective.
  • Summarize your supporting points presented in each one of the body paragraphs accordingly. Restate the importance of each and every one. In this way you will logically defend your explanatory thesis.
  • Offer an overall concluding statement. Put simply, explain the worthiness of this point of view opted for from a worldwide perspective. Your goal here's to captivate your readers to study the topic further on.
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How exactly to Write an Explanatory Essay - Writing Tips

Some useful guidelines will help you write an excellent explanatory essay. Here are a few of the most powerful ones:

Make the most of transitions and linking words

While connecting all of your body paragraphs, use transition words and sentences. They'll make your explanatory paper flow more smoothly. A number of the words you should use to connect your sentences are:

  • However;
  • For instance;
  • Such as;
  • In comparison;
  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly;
  • On the other hand;
  • In conclusion, to summarise.

Cite your sources

This 1 is an absolute requirement when writing an explanatory essay. You better try hard in this area. A fruitful explanatory essay will be factual and contain verifiable information. Cite your sources and make it simple for the audience to check where you drew your facts.

Revise your essay

After completing your explanatory paper, it’s always a good tip to revise it a couple of times. To produce your revision phase far better we help you to answer the following questions:

  • Does the essay give a goal analysis that unfolds logically? Did I personally use relevant facts and examples in your essay?
  • Has got the information within my paper been communicated to the audience? Is the word choice precise?
  • Did I use transitions and linking words in the essay to help the reader’s understanding?
  • Does the concluding paragraph communicate the value and meaning of the thesis statement and supporting a few ideas?

Edit your essay

Double-check your paper for different of mistakes and typos. When proofreading your paper, make sure that no one distracts you. It would be perfect if you revise and proofread your essay in silence. In the event that you notice any kinds of errors - edit your paper to improve both style and clarity. Although your essay should be clear and concise, also think on how to allow it to be engaging and lively aswell.

Share your essay with a close person

Showing your essay to your parent, friend or other readers could be both of use and exciting. They can offer you their opinion on what ought to be changed. They are able to also notice some grammar or punctual mistakes you missed while writing the essay. Over all, it always good to utilize the feedback to make your essay better still.

Explanatory Essay Example

Browse the following essay sample to comprehend this type of essay better. If you want more examples, don’t hesitate to Buy essay samples from our service.

Which are the benefits of internet sites for modern students?

Based on the World Health Organization, people spend around 6 years and 8 months on various social media marketing in their entire life. These numbers are both impressive and terrifying. Considering that the average lifespan across the world is 72 years, in 2020, the time allocated to social networks accocunts for almost 10% of our entire life. And these figures keep changing and hitting higher points every year. Unsurprisingly, students will be the largest band of active social networking users. There always have been plenty of controversies concerning this matter. But, there is a belief that social media marketing can actually have quite a few benefits for them.

One of the more obvious advantages of social media is that it keeps people connected. Demonstrably, many modern students are utilizing these channels to make connections and keep in touch with their peers. Also, though it may perhaps not sound like too large of a deal, it may have a very positive effect on their lives in college. A current study indicates that social networking can play an integral role in the process of adjustment to college. The investigation found that student-centered networks provides first-year students with so-needed support and help them adapt to the newest environment faster, easier, and much more effectively.

Yet another benefit of internet sites for students is that such channels can boost students’ overall literacy and reading skills. Various literacy studies confirm that the overall level of literacy and reading skills among younger generations is dropping. The biggest issue behind this is the fact that teenagers almost never grab a book when they are outside of the class. They are just no longer thinking about books because they make them bored. However , this does not imply that students don’t read at all. Actually , they do. It’s that they are more inclined to learn the information provided in smaller chunks and, preferably, containing some eye-catching animations, videos, or pictures. In other words, they're much more thinking about reading publications on blogs, websites, and, of course, internet sites. Keeping all that at heart, it shouldn’t surprise you that, based on the National Literacy Trust, internet sites really can (and already do) help modern students improve their reading skills and over all literacy.

Finally, the last significant good thing about social media may be the accessibility of education. Such channels have provided us with a lot of opportunities for distance learning. The global quarantine has shown us that the potency of distance learning can equal the potency of traditional learning. But only when we integrate the right tools in the process. Among such tools are various social network channels. Numerous researches have found that social media may bring extra value with regards to education. It enables students to search for information, collaborate, and stay engaged and motivated through the training process. Also, such channels make education more accessible. They can have a practical use in creating the right conditions for efficient distance learning. At exactly the same time, they also streamline both learning and teaching processes and help deliver better results.

Predicated on what has been discussed earlier, we are able to conclude that social networks do have several weighty benefits for modern students. Such channels encourage continuous learning, create new opportunities for distance learning, boost students’ degrees of literacy and skills, and in addition serve as great tools for communication and support. We can’t deny the truth that social media is invading our lives at a rapid pace, so the only thing we are able to do would be to adapt to this and start taking advantage of it.

To sum up

Hopefully we were able to explain how exactly to write an excellent explanatory essay. Now you understand how this sort of academic paper differs from other essays and what writing style and topic to choose while preparing such sort of assignment.

We sincerely hope that the tips outlined in our guide will help you boost your writing and acquire better grades. However , when you yourself have difficulties with completing this kind of assignment, our team of professional writers is always willing to help you draft a top-notch explanatory essay from scratch. All you need to complete is Order an Essay you will need. In addition to assisting you to create a great informative essay, we are able to also assist you to with other styles of assignments, such as coursework, dissertation writing, or research paper. In the event that you experience almost any difficulties writing an explanatory essay — welcome to your first-class service!

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